1/5 Ctw Oval Shape Round Cut Diamond Semi Mount Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

A graceful semi-mount diamond engagement ring, this gives you the opportunity to select a center stone of your choice for it. The ring features a prong-raised oval shape center, cropping up from the gallery, through an oval halo visible from the sides, propped on a cathedral shank. An oval cut center stone, ranging from 0.20 carat to 0.30 carat, can be chosen for the pronged center. Barring the center stone, the rest of the ring comes pre-decorated. 14 prong set round cut diamonds embellish the halo, besides which, 18 prong set round cut diamonds adorn the shank, 9 each on either side. The semi-mount engagement ring is carved in 14 karat white gold. Total diamond weight is 1/5 ctw.

Disclaimer: Center Stone Not Included.

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