Diamond engagement ring mounting in 14k white gold.
Diamond engagement ring mounting in 14k white gold.
Spiral Style Diamond Engagement Ring
A continuous infinity symbol rests between two sparkling diamond bands while framing the luminous center stone. A filigree infinity gallery detail is a delicate touch.
Stackable Two-Tone & Milgrain-Beaded Diamond Collar Engagement Ring
A chevron-pointed diamond collar wraps around the center stone's base. This trendy head design floats above a stackable shank featuring milgrain-beaded kite frames with one diamonds each. For an extra touch of beauty, the shank is adorned with a rose...
Vintage Milgrain & Filigree Accented Halo Engagement Ring
A unique milgrain-beaded diamond halo highlights this vintage engagement ring's stunning center stone. Below the head, diamond-accented milgrain-beaded leaf motifs and filigree swirls decorate the ring's shoulders. For a final touch of vintage flare, an upside-down milgrain arch rests in...
Straight Diamond Engagement Ring w/ Stylized Undergallery
A decorative flower-petal inspired yellow gold band highlights the diamonds cascading down the ring's shoulders. The eye is drawn to the center stone which lies in a contrasting white gold basket with a surprise base accent diamond. Mounting in 14K...
Scalloped & Milgrain-Beaded Oval Halo Engagement Ring
A stunning oval halo and center stone rest above a diamond-accented, milgrain-beaded and scalloped band, merging both modern and vintage aesthetics into the engagement ring design. A polished gold double-marquise design decorates the undergallery below the halo. With its signature...
Diamond Engagement Ring
An elegant bypass of polished gold and diamonds embrace the center stone. The mid height of the shank and asymmetry give the ring a contemporary feel.
Marquise-Accented Sun Burst Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
Marquise and round diamonds frame the round center stone, forming a four-pointed Sun Burst halo design. This bold halo rests above a straight diamond shank.
Asymmetrical Six-Prong Bypass & Split Shank Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
A hidden halo wraps around the center stone's prong, resting above a asymmetrical bypass shank featuring a split shank design that dramatically curls above the head on one side and gently curved below the head on the over side.
Floral Shape Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
A delicate band of diamonds frame the center stone that is surrounded by a sparkling floral halo. In the undergallery, a scrolled filigree motif with milgraine accents adds a vintage touch.
Chain-Loop Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
This unique chain-loop stylized diamond engagement ring features a playful and mechanical-inspired shoulder design similar to chain links. The perfectly round halo drops low on the center diamond. The shank clasps onto two smaller hallow circles that rest below the...
Diamond Engagement Ring
Sparkling diamond shape motifs and sculpted detail decorate the shoulders and light up the center stone in this Deco inspired ring.
Halo Style Engagement Ring
Two rows of diamonds rise and flare to meet the raised round center. The open basket gallery is brightly polished for a sleek contemporary look.
Floral Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
A classic diamond halo frames a round center stone, resting above a classic straight shank. For a truly showstopping look, a second halo with alternating prong-set marquise and round accent diamonds wraps around the ring's head.
Floral Shape Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Sparkling bands cross over framing the vintage inspired diamond halo design that surrounds the princess-cut center. A filigree diamond accented undergallery completes the look.
Crisscross Diamond Halo Engagement Ring w/ Polished Gold Spiral Undergallery
Two strands of diamonds weave over one another and around the center stone, representing your two lives, intertwining as one on your special day. The core of the shank flows beneath the diamonds as a golden twist illusion, adding an...

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