Jewelry Repair

Creating long-term relationships with our customers means always providing care for them and their purchases. One of the best ways we can ensure quality and care is through our jewelry repair services. With over 20 years of experience, you can count on your most precious jewelry to be handled with care by our in-store goldsmith. At Tenenbaum’s Jewelry, we offer a variety of repairs and customizations on several jewelry items. From simple breaks in chains to resizing rings, we offer full service repair. Almost all repairs and customizations are done in-house—several jobs will only take 3-7 business days to repair. We keep our repair estimates competitive while retaining the best quality repairs.

Typical Jewelry Repairs

●  New Ring Shanks
●  Stone Setting
●  Refinishing (Rhodium Plating)
●  Retip/Rebuild Prongs
●  Rebuild Channels
●  New Stone Heads
●  Breaks in Chains

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